Capabilities combined with execution is key to our clients' success.

We strive to understand your needs, challenges, and goals and combine our capabilities and right expertise in every one of our engagements. We partner with you to deliver results on-time and on-budget.

Web/Mobile Application Development

We combine the good design, interfaces, and technology to build fast and secure web and mobile applications.

A good application design shall not come in the way of user interaction with your application. We specialize in designing highly useful user interfaces on various platforms such as computers and mobile devices to deliver exceptional user experiences to your users .

Web applications could range from static websites to dynamic multi-user web sites or applications utilizing modern browser capabilities. We have experience in using open source content management systems (CMS) to develop highly editable websites for government and businesses. We utilize modern, proven, and latest open source software and technologies to develop custom web and mobile applications.

In addition to development of custom software we understand the importance of the activities that are involved in deploying and supporting custom software and applications in a highly available and scalable environments. We provide support and services for smooth and optimal performance and operation of web and mobile applicaitons.

API Development

Our application programming interface (API) services offer development of secure, highly available, and high volume API for use in open data or web or mobile solutions. We help businesses and government in developing APIs to implement their open data strategy to expose organization information without losing control of how it is used by consumers.

We have experience in identifying the importance of APIs and their role in the automation and digitization of business workflow and processes. Utilizing our application development services we can help businesses or government in building modular architectures and integration of services using modern, secure, and robust ReSTful APIs.

Cloud Solutions

Our Cloud Solution capabilities cover cloud architecture evaluation, cloud migration and development. We help with migrating existing infrastructure to the cloud or building and deploying new applications in a custom cloud solution environment. We understand what is required to migrate or adapt your legacy, on-premise applications to run on the cloud. Our services also include design and development of modular web and mobile applications and use of APIs to make the most of the cloud architecture for your business.

We understand the importance of evaluating cloud migrations instead of simply shifting existing services to the cloud. We help you with the auditing and evaluation of your current infrastructure and understand your objectives for a successful migration. We work with Amazon’s AWS cloud services and automate and deploy your infrastructure to AWS.

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